Safety Manager (Closed)

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Safety Manager
Program: Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD)
Positions: 4
Salary: up to $102.0K annual depending on experience.

Position Description:
• Oversee and audit construction safety at multiple college campuses.
• Monitor adherence to Section (00700) of the General Conditions (GC), which outlines safety on various sections within the Bidding documents that contactors must comply with while working on District projects.
• Monitor adherence to Section (00800) of the GC, which outlines more specific on-site safety requirements with projects when a special hazard exists.
• Monitor adherence to Section (01220 and/or 013150) of the GC, which outlines in detail all Program safety requirements and provides detailed information regarding project site safety.
• Monitor adherence to Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) requirements and procedures.
• Monitor adherence to all existing OSHA requirements that relate to the specific construction projects.
• Report to the program management environmental safety and health office, including but not limited to, attending any required meetings or providing safety reports/analysis as requested.
• Immediately notify the program management environmental safety and health office of any incident or recordable injury on projects.
• Confirm that Contractor is reporting all recordable injuries and near-miss incidents within the required timelines and by filing the proper forms.
• Review and provide comments to the College Project Team (CPT) on the project-specific “Project Health, Safety & Environmental Plan (PHSEP)” as prepared by the Contractor.
• Perform ongoing construction site safety inspections and generate safety report for all site visits.
• Identify site safety hazards and provide immediate direction to contractor safety representative to eliminate or mitigate them.
• Perform reviews and inspections of the jobsite to assure compliance with Health and safety regulations and applicable codes.
• Participate in site inspections and testing as necessary for required permits, including confined space, hot work, trenching, etc.
• Accompany OSHA representatives on site walks to observe and record. Issue a report within 24 hours to the complex project team (CPT) and the program management environmental safety and health office.
• Confirm that the New Hire Safety Orientation DVD and on-line safety training are available on site.
• Coordinate with the Complex Project Manager Safety Representatives on an on-going basis and provide assistance as required.
• During construction, coordinate and meet periodically with \the contractor’s safety representatives.
• Confirm that contractors are performing tailgate safety meetings and training as required by their Contract and/or OSHA requirements.
• Attend pre-bid conferences and highlight the main safety requirements of the specific contract and LACCD guidelines.
• Attend pre-construction meetings to present LACCD’s safety program and the role of the field safety representative
• Attend weekly construction progress meetings and provide input and feedback on the safety performance of the contractors.
• Review qualifications of the contractors’ safety representatives and provide recommendation (when requested by CPM).
• Recommend to the College Project Team (CPT) removal of contractors’ safety representatives for negligence, incompetence, or failure to cooperate in good faith.
• Assist Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) manager in investigating claims and filing related paperwork.
• Monitor adherence to zero tolerance and corrective action policy for workers found not in compliance with the Program’s safety policy.
• Conduct Project safety stand-downs to review all project injuries with all crews to review the incident and educate all workers at the site on how to prevent a repeat accident.
• Issue a lessons learned summary Program-wide to all contractors and program staff within 24 hours of an incident or injury to prevent repeating the incident.
• Advise and inform CPT management and program management office on safety rules and regulations.
• Instruct CPT supervisors and employees in the proper use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Minimum Required Qualifications:
• Over 10 years construction/safety experience in the type of work being performed
• Evidence of completing OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach Training within the last three years. In the alternative, evidence of completing the OSHA 500 or OSHA 502 Class may be provided.
• Current First Aid and CPR training from a provider recognized by OSHA.
• Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certificate issued by the BCSP Board of Certified Safety Professionals.
• Experience on large construction program
• Flexibility in schedule & transportation to work at multiple sites based on assigned schedule and duties
• Proficiency with Microsoft office and related spreadsheet and database software
• Ability to work in fast paced environment

Preferred Qualifications:
• BA or BS in Architecture, Engineering, construction management, or related degree
• Experience on modernization-type projects involving asbestos and lead-based paint disturbance
• Familiarity with large building programs across multiple sites
• Additional safety/health certifications and credentials


Deadline to submit resume: Thursday August 21, 2014 @ 4:00pm
Please email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements:
Subject line: Safety Manager