CEQA Advisor (Closed)

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Program: Los Angeles Unified School District –
Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)
Salary Range: $116.6K to $146.6K annual, depending upon experience
Positions: 1

• Evaluates proposed construction near and at school sites and of District acquisitions for schools to assess environmental impact and the feasibility of remediation and/or mitigation of hazardous substances and determines actions to be taken in accordance with Federal, State, and District standards
• Manages environmental project planning activities related to site investigations of existing District properties and new acquisitions
• Makes recommendations regarding the feasibility of remediation and/or mitigation, establishes priorities, reviews scope of work proposals, and analyzes documents related to non-District project development near school sites to assess environmental impact on school populations and prepares responses stating the mitigation and/or remediation required
• Recommends environmental impact documents related to District construction projects for review by the appropriate agencies and the community as required by Federal, State, and District policies and procedures
• Reviews proposed legislation to determine its environmental impact and to make appropriate recommendations
• Recommends and reviews the appropriate environmental review documents necessary to inform the public, Board Members, District staff, public agencies, and other project representatives involved in the District’s building and acquisition projects about the environmental effects that will result from proposed projects
• Interprets and applies an understanding of the relative issues pertaining to the environmental, geologic, land use, population, housing, air quality, traffic, noise, visual, and other potential hazards of proposed projects in the preparation of detailed comments on other Master Plans
• Interacts with outside consultants, Board Members, administrators and staff from the Project Management and Construction, Environmental Health and Safety, School Traffic and Safety Education, Maintenance and Operations, and Design and Inspection Branches; school stakeholders; City planning staff; Metropolitan Transit Authority; and other public agency staff, project representatives, and attorneys to discuss sometimes controversial issues surrounding proposed projects
• Reviews preliminary drafts of environmental and planning documents, reviews CEQA legislation and rulings for applicability to schools and other District facilities and prepares legal documents to accompany projects
• Performs other duties as assigned


Required Experience:
• 10 years full time paid professional experience managing the preparation of environmental planning documents.

Required Education:

• Graduation from a recognized college or university with a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science or related field
• CEQA regulations; other federal, state and local environmental regulations; California Department of Education (CDE) – required environmental studies and checklist


Deadline to submit resume: Monday January 26, 2015 @ 4:00pm
Please email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements: hr@paragon-em.com
Subject line: CEQA Advisor

At a minimum submitted resume must include detailed employment history with:
1) Name & Location of company or government agency
2) Start Date and End Date (Month & Year)
3) Positions Held
4) List of Projects/Programs Managed including:
a) project value $$
b) location of assignment
c) roles and responsibilities
d) contribution to each project