Certified Environmental Systems Manager

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Program: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (METRO)
Sustainability Program Assistant Services
Positions: One (1)
Salary: $100.0K to $150.0K annual, depending upon experience

Assist Metro staff in the development and implementation of the Environmental Management System at selected Metro facilities in accordance with ISO 14001 guidelines and principles. Sample duties include:

• Implement Metro’s Environmental Management System (EMS) Program in accordance with Metro’s Environmental Policy – Policy guidelines, pollution prevention and EMS compliance commitment, communication.
• Prepare and conduct EMS Planning – Guidelines for identification of environmental aspects/impacts, EMS compliance, objectives and targets, organizational chart development, guidelines for amendments of new developments to EMS in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.
• Initiate EMS Implementation and Operation – management representatives, responsibility and structure, communication, documentation, emergency preparedness and response.
• Implement EMS Checking and Corrective Action – monitoring and measurement procedures, track performance, EMS compliance, procedures for nonconformance and corrective and preventive action, record retention, EMS audits.
• Participate in EMS Management Review – management involvement, EMS compliance review, EMS audit results, commitment to continual improvement consistent with environmental policy, commitment to continual improvement.
• Plan and prepare for internal EMS audit – audit skills and techniques; ISO-14010, ISO 14011 & ISO-14012 overview, EMS audit reporting, ISO-14001 auditing checklist overview, EMS audit opening and closing meeting organization.
• Implement EMS Action Plan – both facility-specific and agency-wide Action Plan development, ISO 9001/14001 gap analysis, environmental aspect/impact analysis, targets and objectives.

• Bachelor’s Degree – Environmental Planning, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management, or related field.
• Minimum of ten years in senior-level EMS experience.
• Knowledge and understanding of the development and implementation of environmental systems management.

Deadline to submit resume: Friday March 11, 2016 @ 12:00 p.m. noon
Please email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements: hr@paragon‐em.com
Subject line: Metro Certified Environmental Systems Manager