Construction Manager II (Closed)

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Construction Manager II Assistant Deputy Director of Inspections / IOR DSA 1
Client / Program: Los Angeles Community College District
Location: LACCD District Wide
Salary Range: $99.8K to $124.8 annual, depending upon experience

• Provide professional services related to Construction Manager II / Assistant Deputy Director of Inspections (ADDI) / DSA class 1 Inspector of Record (IOR).
• Provide all knowledge, expertise, and supervision to perform these services for Task Order assignments.
• Work shall be performed District Wide and shall be provided on a continuous daily basis or on an incidental basis as the need arises. Services include, but are not limited to the following:
• Assist LACCD’s Deputy Director of Inspection (DDI) in the enforcement of the established LACCD’s IOR Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
• Responsible for all field observations of IOR activities.
• Provide technical support to IORs.
• Enforcement of district inspection program and policies and district representation for all Project Inspectors and Specialty Inspectors.
• Perform random reviews of Laboratory of Record reports.
• Verify that the Specialty Inspector system is coordinated by the respective IOR in an effective manner.
• Attend the regularly scheduled job weekly construction meetings on a selective basis to assure that inspection issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner.
• Establish and maintain open communications with the College Project Team (CPT) as necessary to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the District’s Inspection Program policies and procedures; also, that there is a clear understanding of the inspector’s duties and responsibilities.
• Randomly review IORs Non-Compliance logs and coordinate resolution of issues with CPT, General Contractor, and Architect of Record (AOR).
• Verify that unusual events have been documented and reported to the responsible party.
• Review the status of the projects with the CPT occasionally to ensure that inspection concerns are addressed in a timely and effective manner.
• Assist CPT to ensure safe occupancy and provide technical assistance in closing out projects with Certification.
• Assist DDI in ensuring the IORs submit their Final Verified Reports to Division of the State Architect (DSA), AOR, LACCD and CPT.
• Assist the DDI in evaluating the IOR’s current job performance. This performance evaluation is used for consideration of the IOR for future assignment on district projects.
• Member of the LACCD interviewing panel responsible to identify prospective IOR’s for upcoming projects.
• Conduct daily job visits of LACCD projects under construction;
• At each visit, walk the projects and discuss any inspection or quality issues with the IOR, review the current job status, and check its progress against the approved job plans, specifications and CBC.
• Provide CBC technical assistance to the assigned IOR as required in order to provide support and direction as needed.
• Ensure that the General Contractor, AOR and their consultants are being proactive in resolving construction and design issues as required. Verify that the PM is receiving, reviewing and signing the IOR’s daily inspection reports.
• Perform a random review of Laboratory of Record reports in order to verify that Specialty Inspections & Material Testing have been performed, acceptance and rejection criteria have been identified, and that failures are documented as required.
• Verify that the use of the project’s required Specialty Inspectors is coordinated by the IOR in an effective manner, and that they are not being overused.
• Perform a random review of the Inspector’s Daily Inspection Report to ensure that it is accurate, complete and that it addresses current construction activities.
• Verify that unusual events, at construction sites, are documented on an incident report and reported immediately to responsible personnel.
• Verify that the IOR submits the semi-monthly report to DSA, AOR, EOR, CPM and the PM as required, and that a copy of the report is submitted to the DDI and the DDI Assistant(s).
• Verify that a copy of the DSA Field Engineer’s report is submitted to the DDI and to the DDI Assistant(s); this includes reports issued by the various engineering consultants when they visit the site.
• As each project is approaching completion, the DDI assistants in conjunction with the IOR, PM and the DDI, discuss the outstanding FLS/ADA issues in order to potentially release the project for Occupancy.
• Assist IOR and job team in ensuring punch lists are completed to facilitate close out of the project.

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration, engineering, urban planning, public administration, construction management, real estate development or architecture. May be substituted by field experience.

Minimum of 15 years of Division of the State Architect Class 1 experience as a project inspector on school projects in California. Should include experience inspecting low voltage and medium voltage electrical installations, oversight of laboratory of record specialty inspectors and DSA close-out certification of school projects. Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development project inspector experience is desirable.

• Valid DSA Class 1 project inspector certification
• Valid C10 Electrical Contractor license or Electrical Journeyman certification with field experience.

• Experience with DSA construction/design processes.
• Experience in the project execution and inspection oversight at institutions of higher education and/or California K-12 schools.
• Valid OSHPD class A project inspector certification.

Valid California Driver’s License and use of personal vehicle

LACCD—Los Angeles Community College District
ADDI—Assistant Deputy Director of Inspection
DDI—Deputy Director of Inspection
IOR—Inspector of Record
LOR—Laboratory of Record for all Specialty Inspections
CBC—California Building Code
DSA—Division of The State Architect
AOR—Architect of Record
CPM—College Project Manager and PM—Project Manager
FLS/ADA—Fire and Life Safety items / American’s with Disabilities Act (Accessibility)
EOR—Engineer of Record

Deadline to submit resume: Wednesday November 30, 2016 @ 3:00pm
Please email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements: hr@paragon‐
Subject line: LACCD Construction Manager II


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